Earth Day Bennington-2022

The Earth Day 2022 celebration took place at Merchants Parks on April 22 at 3:30 p.m. This year’s Earth Day events were sponsored by Climate Advocates Bennington, the MAUHS (Mount Anthony Union High School) group Climate Change Initiative and Better Bennington Corporation.

At the Rally Jeannie Jenkins, Chair of the Bennington Select Board, spoke about the many accomplishments in Bennington, bicycle paths, solar panels, and form based planning. Madison Kremer spoke about Window Dressers, a non-profit organization that is installing indoor window inserts. Lucie McKee recited one of her published poems,' The Seamstress'. Emily Maikoo, a student at MAUHS, spoke about the the immediate need to address climate change, because her generation is facing environmental disasters. Barbara True-Weber, CAB President, spoke about the success of Earth Day to bring about environmental awareness in its 52 years.

Emily Maikoo's speech at Merchants Park.

I have always been told that to attain the future I desire, I have to work for it, that if I work hard enough and try my best I can attain the future I want. Millions of kids around the world are working their hardest to also attain their desired future. But we are not being listened to. We are echoing the voices of millions of climate scientists. We are losing our future. And some might shrug us off, and say we are crazy. That we are fussing over nothing. But as you continue to shrug off our pleads and warnings you are slowly throwing away our future, one year by one. And this deduction might seem dramatic, but for me and many of my peers, that's our future you are throwing away, that you are discarding without a second thought. Our future, which we are entitled to have just as other generations once had. In October 2018, the UN warned that humanity has exactly twelve years to avoid a climate change catastrophe. We are now eight years away from that date. In eight years, we will be celebrating another Earth day. But I implore you all to ponder the question, will we have anything to celebrate by then? It may seem far away, but 2030 will be a turning point. The only thing more dangerous than continuing our current ways is thinking that we are powerless to stop this catastrophe. Reducing your carbon emissions or even making sure you recycle can make a bigger difference than you might realize. There are many different ways that each and every one of us can help out. I encourage you to take all this information and expand on it. Go home and do research on small changes you can make. Whether that means switching to a more sustainable brand or making a compost bin, every change does matter. These small changes can help work towards guaranteeing our future. So, as you continue to have fun and celebrate Earth Day I implore you to think hard about what you want your future to look like.Celebrate Earth Day in Merchants Park

Posted messages to Mother Earth

Keep Fossil Fuels under my surface

Make the world a better place: signed Mother Nature

What the Great Divine created let no one pollute

A Blessed Planet

Help the Trees

I hope to care for you better

We love you.

I pray for your healing


Nuclear Energy deserves another shot in this country. Fission is not combustion. Combustion is why we’re in danger from CO2

I love your reefs and I hope people will start to see how Beautiful they are

I love you Earth!