Upcoming events and initiatives

Upcoming events:


Currently, we are meeting via Zoom on Wednesdays at irregular intervals of approximately 2 weeks, and you can join us! If you'd like to do that, check our HOME PAGE periodically for the announcement of the next meeting (and the code to join it).


Current activities:


We are working on a regional Reforestation Initiative, which aims to plant a thousand trees in the Bennington area. Based on a ground-breaking study published in the journal Science which surprised even the scientists who completed it, the potential for significant carbon sequestration is vast through tree-planting around the gobe . We are joining the world-wide movement to plant 2 billion trees. Currently, we are in the initial stages of the project: learning which trees are most important to plant in this geographical area and engaging with community partners to find locations for the planting that will not only sequester carbon, but build community -- and community resiliency.

Bennington Energy Committee:

The Bennington Select Board "tasked" CAB with keeping track of the newly re-constituted Energy Committee. We have committed to having at least one member of our group present at each Energy Committee meeting.