Library Books

Books on Climate Change to Local Libraries

By Barbara True-Weber - Coordinator for Climate Advocates Bennington

Climate Advocates of Bennington (CAB) donated a variety of climate change books to several elementary school libraries in the Bennington area, plus the John G. McCollough Free Library and the Bennington Free Library. Librarian from across the district assembled at the Bennington Elementary Library on April 24th for a small ceremony to distribute the books. CAB hopes the book donation will provide teachers with relevant information as well as help raise awareness in young people about climate change. Each book also explores suggested actions children can take to address climate change.

The book donations were a culmination of a long process. CAB began by visiting each library and talking with the children’s librarians at each school. Together they explored the collection of books that were currently available on climate change and they discovered many of the books were outdated. All libraries had an environment and climate selection, but the collections needed to be updated. The following list of books was developed to address the needs of the libraries.

Climate Change - a DK Eyewitness book
Our World Out of Balance: Understanding Climate Change and What we

Can Do.
Old Enough to Save the Planet
Climate Change and How We’ll Fix It
Global Warming - A STEAM book
This Class Can Save the Planet
A Kid’s Guide to Climate Change and Global Warming
The Story of Climate Change: A First Book About How We Can Help Save

Our Planet.
Climate Change - a DK Find Out book

As CAB members and librarians celebrated the donation of these books, they reflected on the place and the power of libraries in our contemporary world. While many communities are banning books, closing school libraries and challenging books in public libraries, we celebrate the libraries we are fortunate to have in the Bennington area. These libraries provide the space where knowledge is available to everyone, archive our

history, and facilitate community engagement. We also are privileged to be served by the cadre of librarians who care about learning and community.