At Farmer's Market promoting Window Dresser inserts for winterization, petition signatures for Climate Action in Vermont, and protesting TD Bank investment in fossil fuel industry.

Climate Advocates Bennington-350VT is the Bennington-area "node" of 350VT. org

The core values guiding our work are:

A Livable Planet: Ecological soundness based on the realities of climate change.

Climate Justice: Compassion and justice related to issues of climate change.

A Sustainable Future: Working toward building community resilience and adaptation.



WHEN IT IS SAFE TO DO SO... we will kick off our Reforestation Initiative, which aims to plant a thousand trees in the Bennington area. Based on a ground-breaking study published in the journal Science which surprised even the scientists who completed it, the potential for significant carbon sequestration is vast through tree-planting around the gobe . We are joining the world-wide movement to plant 1 trillion trees. Currently, we are in the initial stages of the project: learning which trees are most important to plant in this geographical area and engaging with community partners to find locations for the planting that will not only sequester carbon, but build community -- and community resiliency. WHEN IT IS SAFE TO DO SO, WE WILL INVITE YOU TO join us for the Opening Ceremony at the Governor Jonas Galusha Homestead, Route 7A in Shaftsbury!

Bennington Energy Committee:

The Bennington Select Board "tasked" CAB with keeping track of the newly re-constituted Energy Committee. We have committed to having at least one member of our group present at each Energy Committee meeting.


TD Bank: In one of our first long-term actions, members of CAB picketed TD Bank in Bennington every week as part of a national effort to pressure TD to divest from fracked gas drilling and infrastructure.

Re-constitute the Bennington Energy Committee: CAB worked for over three years with the Bennington Select Board to re-constitute the town’s Energy Committee. In November, 2019, this committee began work on its first task: figuring out how to implement the Town Energy Plan.

Ban the Bag – Bennington: CAB organized a local campaign, did preliminary work with local businesses, and secured the initial endorsement of the Bennington Select Board about adopting a Resolution banning single-use plastic bags in Bennington. In a matter of months, this initiative became part of the successful state-wide movement for the Vermont legislation that bans the use of many single-use plastic items.

Global Climate Strike – Bennington: In September, 2019, CAB worked with students at Bennington College to organize a rally, march and demonstration in downtown Bennington and a week-long series of events at Bennington College. This made Bennington one of the thousands of cities around the world to join the first Global Climate Strike.

Declaration of Climate Emergency: CAB successfully encouraged the Bennington Select Board to adopt a Declaration of Climate Emergency. This declaration, adopted in November, 2019, enumerates ways in which the town pledges to work to significantly reduce carbon emissions, and makes Bennington one of only two Vermont towns (so far!) to adopt such a Declaration.