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Sosie's lastest pic on climate change. Sosie is in 2nd grade, and she is 7 years old.

Letter to the Editor

Bennington Banner, September 6, 2021

Climate Change Is Here

To the Editor:

Climate change is no longer an abstract possibility lurking in a distant future; it is happening here and now. Massive wildfires, extreme weather, melting ice caps, rampant extinctions, and rising sea levels daily underscore the need for bold, large-scale measures.

At our current level of emissions, the annual damage from climate change will exceed the value of the global economy by 2050. The economic impact will become catastrophic long before that terrible zero point is reached.

If state and federal governments can be persuaded to address climate change as the clear and present emergency it truly is, it can be slowed down enough to give human civilization an opportunity to adapt and survive. Nothing short of a massive upwelling of public concern is likely to make that happen.

While working toward large-scale resistance to climate change, it is imperative that we begin, as families and communities, to actively prepare for the future. This must happen on many fronts: composting, evaluating the ability of our houses to withstand extreme weather, planting trees, supporting local economies, adapting our transportation and energy infrastructure to changing weather and patterns of use, and more.

Though the key to resisting climate change ultimately resides with the federal government, the keys to surviving it are found in our homes and communities. It’s time to speak up on whatever level you can, whether as an activist, an artist, a writer of letters, a conversationalist, or simply as a consumer.

A great collective conversation that will decide the fate of our species and our planet has begun; please speak up! Only millions of voices can speak louder than the fossil-fuel industry’s billions of dollars.

Reg Darling



Fascist vines entwine the tree gripping

it so tightly that it can't breath tree

leaves & vine leaves fight for dominance

I watch this killing helplessly as it

goes on across the fence in someone

else's yard shadows increasing

the horror of watching a murder from

a window the screams are silent

that fill the air only certain beings can

hear them beings with unwaxed

ears & twelve pitches available it is

not the orchestra you might conjure

but it is a quartet of wood instruments

with strings choking choking the

wood creating a sound unheard before

silence is the evil sound that does

not announce this lynching to the world

that goes about its usual day not

disturbed by the news that is far away

--Lucie McKee